People often do not know how to approach the topic of culture and especially the topic of poorly highlighted Ukrainian culture. What should be said in the first place, and what may be secondary? We provide the possibility of a personal choice of what should be studied primarily. You may start with the sketches of painters’ personalities where a little idiosyncrasy may sometimes tell you about a person more than a whole monograph. You may look through the chronology and, by doing so, learn the system of facts and understand different epochs. And then go from time to space and take a look at how the character’s history intertwines with the places he lives and works in. It is likely you will want to know more about the techniques artists use to fulfil their ideas as well as understand why they search for a quite specific form when they have a certain meaning in mind. Finally, sometimes it is useful to ask yourself more philosophical questions: why? how? what for?

But you may, of course, ignore our system and choose the one you like – read the sections in the order you find more interesting or reasonable. And find your own approach to studying the history of the Yakutovych family and culture in general.


ЗWe wish to express our gratitude to Olena Fadeeva,
Dmytro Yakutovych, Kateryna Rapay, Oksana Danchenko and Ivan Sautkin for the help with information and materials.

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Episode 2
Shadows of Forgotten